Lakeside Escape Resort
Lakeside Escape Resort
Lakeside Escape Resort
Lakeside Escape Resort
Lakeside Escape Resort
Lakeside Escape Resort

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Lakeside Escape was created with a homely ambiance in mind and is built on a model of traditional Ugandan architectural design. This means that it is made from 90% natural and environmentally friendly material. Under the swaying, whistling palms and Pine trees, one has unparalleled and calming view of Lake Victoria's blue waters. Set on spacious, lush, and beautifully and rened comfort to all.

A neighbourly Homestead

The sun dips below the rolling hills, casting long shadows across Martha's vegetable patch.

Workshop Rates



  • Tropical Fruits, Fresh Juice, Cereal
  • Choice of Pastries
  • Potato Lyonaise or Matooke with Vegetables
  • Sausages, Eggs of choice
  • Tea and Coffee
Break tea


  • Tea and Cofee
  • Two Types of Snacks (a sweet snack and a salty snack)
Continental Buffet


  • Fresh Garden Salad
  • One Vegetable Sauce
  • Vegetables
  • One Soft Drink (One Water or Soda)
  • Four Types of Starch Food
  • Two Meat Items
  • Dessert
BBQ Meal


  • Fresh garden salad
  • Two meat items
  • Two types of starch food
  • BBQ sauce
  • Dessert
  • One soft drink (either water or soda)
Directions to Lakeside Escape Resort

Directions to Lakeside Escape Resort

When coming from Kampala you drive to Mukono town, it's approximately 1 hour from Kampala city centre. From Mukono town drive through another 2km along Jinja road and turn right onto Katosi road.

Drive 13km to Kisoga.

In Kisoga turn right at the roundabout and continue about 5km to Ntenjeru. Once in Ntenjeru you will see the sign posts on your right hand side, which is where you will look out for the LAKESIDE ESACPE sign post with 23.4km written on it.

The journey from the sign post will be on a marram road until you reach the hotel. The road is not straight, as there will be some bends, corners and turn offs. But sign posts are place in strategic places so that one does not stray off the path in order to prevent one from getting lost.

After you've driven 13.4km you will reach an area where there is a large pine forest. On the immediate left hand side you will see a sign post that will read 10km. You take that turning and continue for those remaining kilometres until you reach the hotel. There will be other sign posts along the remaining 10km of the journey until the very last kilometre to guide you to your destination.

Our Activities

You can never be bored at Lakeside. We have quite a number of activities you can enjoy to make your stay with us a memorable experience



Boat tours

Boat tours

Nature Walks

Nature walks



Giant Ludo

Giant Ludo


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Franc Kise

Nothing to complain about this place. Your wow moment starts soon as you step off the boat. Staff is professional and attentive your needs, rooms are kept clean, and the food is just delicious from breakfast to dinner.

Ejeu Emmanuel

Explanations cannot do justice to explain the experience, you have to be there to feel it. A great place to relax, reflect and find yourself. Very many games at the venue too. It is your home away from home. Strictly African, strictly Ugandan

upenytho martin

All was well at Lakeside Escape but only the road to the place isn't the best. Other services like mobile money isn't available and would request if only management could come in and open up its own mobile money services at site otherwise it won't be the best idea of doing the transaction on phone then again you have to pay for boda transport