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Mukono, Uganda-East Africa (0.158939North | 32.667855 East)


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We're Lakeside Escape Resort

Lakeside Escape Resort brings you a variety of tailored activities to enjoy during your stay. We have: Visits to surrounding areas, Boat tours, Nature walks, Biking, Bird watching, Indoor and outdoor games, Swimming, to mention but a few.

Enjoy Visits to a wide range of thrilling places in nature, near and far from Lakeside Escape which include: Sorrounding beautiful Islands, Ngamba Chimpaze Sanctuary, Bird Sactuary, Fishing Villages, Natural Forest, etc.

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Franc Kise

Nothing to complain about this place. Your wow moment starts soon as you step off the boat. Staff is professional and attentive your needs, rooms are kept clean, and the food is just delicious from breakfast to dinner.

Ejeu Emmanuel

Explanations cannot do justice to explain the experience, you have to be there to feel it. A great place to relax, reflect and find yourself. Very many games at the venue too. It is your home away from home. Strictly African, strictly Ugandan

upenytho martin

All was well at Lakeside Escape but only the road to the place isn't the best. Other services like mobile money isn't available and would request if only management could come in and open up its own mobile money services at site otherwise it won't be the best idea of doing the transaction on phone then again you have to pay for boda transport